• About Boson

    Boson is a music producer coming from Germany, who was deeply into break beats in his youth, discovering his passion for techno music.

    In 2010 he founded Boson project with the ambition to combine two genres. He calls this new cross-over genre '2-to-the-floor' as common in techno music. This concept allows Boson to combine a variety of styles, catering to both techno heads and beat lovers equally.

  • Upcoming Releases

    Boson - Blackout EP on Ego Shot Recordings


    The Sound Of Progrezo Records - Gate C
    Progrezo Records // PGZCO06C

    Boson - Methematic EP
    Raveart Records // RAR 019

    Boson - Control EP
    Progrezo Records // PGZ 109

    Boson - Forker EP
    Electrico Records // ELEBEATZ 051

    Boson - Getaway EP
    Progrezo Records // PGZ101

    Raveart - Miami Breaks Compilation
    Raveart Records // RAR012

    Distorsion - Compilation Vol 1
    Distorsion Records // DSTRCV1

    Deenk - Electro Cramp Boson Remix
    Distorsion Records // DSTR007

    Clarck Cunt - Keep On'Movin Boson Remix
    CC_INC // cc_INC005

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